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Date: 9 September, 2015



As one of Alpha Pi Mu’s sponsor company, Cox Communications decided to host a professional workshop to help students with resume building, interviewing techniques and networking tips. This event was set to take place before Georgia Tech campus career fair so that students can benefit the most from a professional workshop.


Representatives from Cox Human Resources department and College Relations department volunteered to join the event. Cox Pricing department also sent three of their data analysts to the event, including an intern who is a APM members.


The event was held on Georgia Tech campus at Instructional Center. The pricing team gave a presentation on “a day in the life of pricing and data analyst”. They shared their data-driven approach in work and how ISyE skills matched their work roles.


Furthermore, professional recruiters from Cox offered to have a one-on-one mock interview with every APM students at the event. These recruiters then gave some pointers on the student's’ resume. Recruiters also emphasized on the importance of professional networking.

Food was provided by APM organization at the event. The event turned out to a huge success. Students had the rare opportunity to have a personal interaction with professional recruiters outside their interviews. Representatives from Cox also enjoyed spending time with APM students outside work. They were thrilled about the idea that some of students might become their co-workers after their graduation.

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