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Event Highlights

Lunch & Learn

At its simplest, a lunch and learn program is an event scheduled during the lunch hour, where students can interact with faculty members on a personal basis.  Free food and refreshments will always be provided.

Corporate Information Sessions

Georgia Tech students are well-prepared and attractive to top companies, but being an APM member can help you stand out from the crowd! The APM-exclusive corporate information sessions give you an extra edge when it comes to job applications for the ISyE job that you've been dreaming of. 

Resume Book

APM has its own resume book that will be sent out to corporate sponsors each year. You can be introduced to companies that are interested in Industrial Engineers by being a part of this resume collection! Email your resume to with the subject "add to resume book" for this great opportunity! 

Professional Worshop

APM holds professional worshop such as resume critique, EXCEL worshop, professional headshots, etc. We are here to share our experience and help you prepare yourself to your career!

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